How Long Does a CCJ Last? #infographic

How Long Does a CCJ Last? #infographic

The number of individuals in their 20s with court orders for unpaid debt has been on the rise over the last year, according to the BBC Radio 4 program Money Box. In 2019, over 160,000 County Court Judgments (CCJ) were released, a 30 percent rise from the year before, the Registry Trust's court records show. 

The increase in CCJs by financial analysts was correlated with increased use of payday loans, zero-hour contracts, unsustainable loans, increasing rent prices and defaults due to unpaid mobile contracts. Many individuals don't know that mobile contracts are a liability that they will default on. 

Currently, mobile providers have increased the speed at which they offer this kind of debt to credit collectors. The number of people having a CCJ for £ 100-200 of unpaid mobile bills has risen recently.

If you have been given a CCJ, it is necessary to understand how to remedy the matter, the measures you can take to financially recover after one, and how to regain your credit score over time.

How Long Does a CCJ Last? #infographic

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