Designing and Developing for Accessibility [doing It Right] #infographic

Designing and Developing for Accessibility [doing It Right] #infographic

Web accessibility is all about ensuring all web content is accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those with physical, visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments. 

To make this possible, those responsible (designers, developers, and content authors) must inculcate the habit of accessibility from the onset of the process. Agile accessibility remains the most reasonable and cost-effective way to provide disabled access. 

Some of the major activities is to: ensure keyboard accessibility: to help blind and physically impaired users who make use of screen readers and the keyboard. ensure web content has a good structure to be understandable ensure a clear layout to help those with physical and learning disabilities. 

Ensure good color contrast between text and background to help visually impaired This infographic covers the dos and don’ts of web design and development to accommodate screen reader users, users with the autistic spectrum, users with low vision, and those with hearing impairments.

Designing and Developing for Accessibility [doing It Right] #infographic

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