Types of Giveaways Every Sponsor Should Know #infographic

Types of Giveaways Every Sponsor Should Know #infographic

The sponsor needs to set the right goal before starting a new giveaway and select appropriate types of sweepstakes so that the result can be rewarded. 32 different forms of sweepstakes, classified based on giveaways, challenges, sports, quizzes and coupons, are presented here.

Kinds of Giveaways

1. Giveaway entry form:

After collecting information from the entry form, winners will be chosen in an unbiased way.

2. Giveaway on Instagram:

Enhance the integration of the user by picking up a winner amid the Instagram giveaway participants.

3. Giveaway from Facebook:

With this giveaway, pick the winner who comments on the maximum Facebook posts.

4. Giveaway on Twitter:

Make sure to pick that particular one as a winner who uses your hashtag if you want to promote your brand.

5. Giveaway from YouTube:

Always keep a random way of choosing a winner who always comments on your videos.

6. Giveaway Multi-network:

Take all social platforms together for a better rate of engagement and wisely select a winner from there.

7. Giveaway of the List:

To show transparency, make a random winner from a list and reward them along with a certificate of validity.

8. Giveaway event:

To create the utmost excitement among the audience during a conference, arrange this giveaway.

Types of Giveaways Every Sponsor Should Know #infographic

infographic by: graphs.net

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