Trusting Remote Workers The New Normal #infographic

Trusting Remote Workers The New Normal #infographic

By 2019, 1 in 10 Americans worked from home at least once a week, but with Covid-19 gradually shutting down businesses around the world, more companies permanently sent their workers home. Yet would the daily activities taking place around them be too overwhelmed with at-home jobs? Will they be centered, and will they be productive?

Indeed, the vast majority of remote employees improve efficiency and concentrate while minimizing stress levels and enjoying a healthier work-life balance. 106 percent have more organizational interaction with employees in homework organizations. Showing confidence in employees makes 76 percent of employees feel more involved in assignments.

Trust also indicates lower stress levels, with the study finding that 74% of employees report that feeling valued when working remotely decreases stress levels. Forty percent of employees say that when they feel valued in their business, they are less likely to burnout. Although feeling valued although working at home, 29 percent say that they have greater overall satisfaction with life.

Trusting Remote Workers The New Normal #infographic

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