The Top Female Founder in Each Country #infographic

The Top Female Founder in Each Country #infographic

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Businesses with at least one female founder generate 78 cents of revenue for each dollar of venture capital, while male-led startups generate roughly 31 cents.

Startups with only female founders, however, receive only 3 percent of the overall dollars invested worldwide.

The infographic above from Business Financing addresses the global landscape of women-led startups. Based on the highest amount of capital raised, this shows the top female entrepreneurs in each country profiled.

Why female entrepreneurs have gained the most funding in the world?

Based on Crunchbase data, individuals were selected across 102 countries whether they were a founder or co-founder of an active company as of May 21, 2020. Companies were selected on the basis of their status in seed, early stage venture, or late stage venture funding.

With funding of $22 billion, Lucy Peng, co-founder of Ant Group and Alibaba, tops the list. Peng taught economics for five years before co-founding Alibaba with 18 others in 1999. Today, she is worth over $1 billion.

Following Peng is Rebekah Neumann, who raised $19.5 billion with The We Party. Neumann studied business with a minor in Buddhism at Cornell and later co-founded the gig-focused company in 2010 with her husband, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. She and her husband have since quit the company following WeWork 's famously disastrous IPO.

In seventh place came Tan Hooi Ling, who founded Grab in Singapore. The ride-hailing service is a major Uber competitor in Asian markets.

Also on the top 10 list is Cristina Junqueira, who co-founded NuBank, a digital banking company. NuBank currently serves as the largest fintech company in South America with over 20 million clients. Meanwhile, Vinted, the first tech unicorn in Lithuania, was co-founded by Milda Mitkute and serves as the largest second-hand clothing website in the world.

The Top Female Founder in Each Country #infographic

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