9 Bad Skin Habits For Amazing Skin You Should Quit Now #article



9 Bad Skin Habits For Amazing Skin You Should Quit Now #article

We reveal some of our tips on skin that might just help you achieve your best skin ever. It is not so much a list of to-do, but more of a list of "what not to do."

You're already doing some awesome things for your skin already, like using natural skin care or following an organic diet. Hold on, keep on! But in some ways, you may also be committing skin sabotage you didn't realize.

To make your skin less-than-radiant, we made a list of 9 things you might do. Some of the things most of us have been guilty of at least once in our lives!

A 2013 study looked at the link between sugar in the blood and aging. Participants who were tested for higher levels of blood sugar were also rated as older. Crazy, huh? The only reason you avoid eating sugar shouldn't be to look older, but it's one effect that this addictive substance seems to have. It is an unhealthy cycle that many of us submit our bodies to, and our skin illustrates it, continuously spiking our blood sugar levels and then crashing down later.

We suggest making educated choices on which sort of sweetener you are using and paying attention to how much sugar you purchase in the packaged foods. Simply removing Justin's Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from your breakfast menu may be an easy place to begin for those of us who may not have mastered the art of making "meals" (ahem, guilty).

We've all heard a statistic that says that we're a bunch of water that looks like people walking around the world. And we still find excuses not to hydrate: “ Water is boring … ” “ Having to pee all the time is inconvenient … ” “ I hate washing cups … ” We know that we need water to do all the stuff our body needs to do. One is to transport nutrients to the locations where they need to go. Another is flushing the toxins out that we don't want to hang around. So do a favor for yourself and drink up!

5. Body Addictions

Skin gets used to what you put on it. If you're feeding it well, awesome! If you're not, so there may be problems. Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient that the skin gets addicted to. Usually prescribed for acne, by destroying bacteria and reducing oil production, it clears up the skin. For most skin types, it is extremely dry in the long term, essentially functioning like a bleach. Ouch!-Ouch! Alkaline benzoyl peroxide disturbs the acid mantle of your skin, which should have a pH between 4.5-5.5. Once you stop using it, your skin starts to re-balance itself to its natural pH. During what is essentially a detox process, many people find that they break out.

Be patient! After a couple of weeks, those skin detox-induced breakouts should subside. And for acne and other skin conditions, there are lots of natural remedies. Our pH-balanced and gentle cleansers also help to hold acne breakouts at bay.

There's a simple one we'll end with: exfoliation. As you get older, your rate of cell turnover decreases, and your need for regular exfoliation increases. Giving your skin a good scrub sloughs off dead skin cells and encourages new ones to generate. Plus, you want to make sure they are well absorbed (not only sitting on top of dead skin cells) while you are using potent anti-aging products. There is such a thing as too much exfoliation, of course, so you have to find a balance. For most individuals, a few days a week does the trick. This could be closer to 3 or 4 days a week as you mature.

You could find yourself waking up to younger, more radiant-looking skin by ditching some of your bad habits and adopting some good ones! In the Food Matters Skin Care Buying Guide, you will read more about what you need to do for good, radiant skin now!

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