7 SEO Basics You Need to Know #infographic

7 SEO Basics You Need to Know #infographic

Search engines are getting smarter, but they still need a nudge in the proper direction. In giving Google algorithms the little extra support they need to deliver the best results possible, even the simplest basics of SEO go a long way.

SEO, or search engine optimization, isn't just one technique. SEO is a common practice that makes your website so appealing to search engines that traffic on your website automatically arrives from organic searches.

Search engines send swift answers. That is what they expect from users of the internet, and that's what they do. When you type an inquiry into the Google search box, complex algorithms scan countless websites to find the ones with the most important, high-quality content.

When your website is highly optimized, you tell Google that the website should appear on the first page, and preferably on the first place, when someone searches for keywords or phrases related to your business. That's easy SEO in a nutshell.


7 SEO Basics You Need to Know #infographic

infographic by: coalitiontechnologies.com

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