Ooma’s Guide to 5G Coverage #infographic

Ooma’s Guide to 5G Coverage #infographic

There's plenty of hype about 5 G technology. But as with most new technology, knowing the benefits to you and your company isn't always easy to wade through the data.

In addition, there is yet another degree of complexity due to access. The deployment of technology means that 5 G has been deployed by various companies in different locations and not all areas in the country have access.

The team at Ooma breaks down exactly what 5 G communication technology is in this guide to 5 G coverage, how it contrasts with current cellular communications and which 5 G providers are leading the way. They 're still looking to the future to see how business communication will improve with 5G.

Ooma’s Guide to 5G Coverage #infographic

infographic by; www.ooma.com

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