Internet Access Low Among Economic Vulnerable #infographic

Internet Access Low Among Economic Vulnerable #infographic

People more than ever work from home because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Access to the internet while working remotely is essential for maintaining or looking for jobs, as well as contacting friends and family people may otherwise not be able to see during restrictions on social distance. The lack of internet could significantly compound bad economic situations for those in more vulnerable economic positions.

In a recent Gallup poll, only 24 per cent of those in highly vulnerable economic situations had some form of access to the internet worldwide. Less than half had internet access labeled as moderately vulnerable, while nearly 75 per cent of those with low vulnerability had internet access.

Gallup defines economic vulnerability as having times in the past year when a person or household was unable to afford basic necessities for food or shelter. High vulnerability also refers to those who didn't have a friends or family safety net to help them in difficult economic situations.

Internet Access Low Among Economic Vulnerable #infographic

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