What’s She Worth? The Slow Road to Equal Pay #Infographic

What’s She Worth? The Slow Road to Equal Pay #Infographic

The average median income of a man in the 1970s was about $36,207 per year, while a woman could earn $21,297 per year for the same job. This means that the average woman in her career doing exactly the same job as a man got 40 percent less pay – doing exactly the same work.

The women's lib movement had only recently started in the early seventies. Some of the gestures seemed to have gripped a wall directly. According to Time , the overall median wage of a woman had actually fallen by 1972, and fewer women were in top positions (including the civil service) than four years before.

Each, why then? Women had been pushed back in the 70s to hold to some role. The rest stayed home cooking, cleaning and family care. They were married women, who tried to earn some extra money for household goods, activities for children, or some gifts. Employers recognized that the average woman had a husband who was supporting the family and they treated women as if they were just working to have something to do to fill the time. They thought it was a great excuse for a reduced wage. Females, after all, had been inferior. Just right, right?

What’s She Worth? The Slow Road to Equal Pay #Infographic

infographic by: www.womenonbusiness.com

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