The UNTHINKABLE Happened… Now What? #infographic

The UNTHINKABLE Happened… Now What? #infographic

At the heart of most companies are servers, desktops, and laptops. There's a lot that can get in between you and your files and records. Failures in technology and natural disasters such as fire, floods , hurricanes, tornadoes and manmade disasters like terrorism can ruin the data and systems on which your company depends in an moment.

Hard drives, the containers on a computer or server for all of your files can fail. Even the stronger solid-state drives will fail. If your files aren't backed up anywhere, a simple failure of your hard drive can mean the difference between success and failure; between having a project completed on time or not at all; between compliance with your industry's laws and regulations, or facing regulatory authorities concerned with mismanaged data.

Apart from natural disasters and physical failure of computers and servers, malicious software ("malware") such as viruses that kill hard drives or ransomware may compromise files and data. Ransomware is a type of malware that tries to keep your computer hostage until a demand for ransoms is paid.

Of course, the only way to avoid such malware from ever being installed on your machines is to prevent it from occurring. Many companies have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, and even government and hospital networks.

The UNTHINKABLE Happened… Now What? #infographic

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