The 30 Biggest Record-breaking Fish Ever Caught #infographic

The 30 Biggest Record-breaking Fish Ever Caught #infographic

Fishing is a popular activity worldwide, and has been going on for over 40,000 years. Although others do see this ancient occupation as a source of food and some see it as something of a leisurely pastime, there are some anglers out there for glory in sport fishing.

Using the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record rankings, we discovered which of these anglers were the big winners and can boast that they reeled in one of the 30 biggest ever caught fish in the world record. The fish had to have been caught in accordance with IGFA International Angling Rules to earn world record status.

Since sharks are among the world's largest fish, it's no wonder that sharks were 17 of the 30 largest fish ever caught. The great white shark, the largest fish ever captured, has held the record for more than 60 years, and is the most vicious of all. Dive through this chart to see exactly how much weighed this world-record fish and the shockingly short time it took the angler to reel in this huge shark.

The 30 Biggest Record-breaking Fish Ever Caught #infographic

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