What’s your App Adoption Trend during this Crisis? #article

What’s your App Adoption Trend during this Crisis? : Growth, Slowdown, or Unchanged: Customer Engagement Playbook by MoEngage and AppFollow

While we all watched the outbreak of COVID-19 impacting economies throughout the world and play havoc, the mobile app economy is another matter, as mobile app session times and installs saw dramatic increases and decreases varying across industries.

A global playbook published by MoEngage and AppFollow on how brands can rebuild and essentially bounce back to pre-crisis numbers, sustain or accelerate their growth. Quite recently, a COVID-19 Business Impact Report was launched covering the business impact of the pandemic on 12 industries across 5 regions, with a vision to offer data-backed quadrant mapping for various industries to understand what growth trajectory they’re on. 

This playbook essentially will help businesses:

         Understand how a crisis affects consumer buying behavior
         Identify how the shift impacted the growth trajectory
         Analyze how they’re affected by taking an extensive path assessment
         Leverage ready-to-implement customer engagement frameworks to drive optimal growth
         Emulate strategies that have worked for leading global brands 

To understand the App Economy better, industry experts and leaders from  50+ leading global brands have provided their insights on how businesses might fare with lockdown relaxation on rebuilding their strategies to drive growth.

What’s your App Adoption Trend during this Crisis? #article

What’s your App Adoption Trend during this Crisis? #article

A Path Assessment Checklist which consists of few questions that will help a business map the right path - Engagement Frameworks providing brands 3 paths:
- Growth Sustaining (for verticals observing unprecedented growth during crisis, viz. Entertainment)
- Bounce-back (for verticals observing unexpected growth viz. Travel & Hospitality)
- Growth Accelerating (for verticals with neither surge in growth nor heavy decline viz. BFSI)

What’s your App Adoption Trend during this Crisis? #article

Additionally, the playbook also contains detailed how-to sections on engagement, analytics, and optimization. To help you better implement these strategies- tool suggestions have also been included.
Download the Playbook Here get insights from experts across 10+ industry verticals.

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