The Scary Truth About Teen Vaping #infographic

The Scary Truth About Teen Vaping #infographic

If you think of the men and women that vape, it is a good alternative to smoking cigarettes or sleeping, and it gives you the same rush of nicotine, without losing your body. Although research are still under way on whether or not this argument holds any water, there are plenty of vaping horror stories in the media and online that will discourage you from ever buying e-cigarettes or one of those vapor apps that look like a sonic screwdriver. If you vap and try to leave, this list is full of vaping drawbacks and reasons to finally put the vap pen down.

If you live in some kind of urban setting, you have probably seen a group of vape bros roaming through the city with their fedoras and vape pens, fluttering fake walls of smoke. It's super stupid but it's not just why it's bad to vap. In addition to the potential adverse side effects of inhaling nicotine in some form, the battery packs and chargers that often accompany vaping devices have been known to burst, and if the nicotine liquid is swallowed, the body may be teared apart. Just don't take our word for it. Do yourself a favor, and read these vaping horror tales through. Just one could save your life.

There are many names used for the electronic distribution systems for nicotine. "E-cigarettes" is the most common name but other terms like e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, mods and tanks are also prominent. Lately, consumer brands such as JUUL have established brand-centered terminology for product use ("JUULing"). For this tool the entire group will be referred to as "e-cigarettes."

The Scary Truth About Teen Vaping #infographic

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