The History Of e Sports #infographic

The History Of eSports #infographic

Nowadays less and less people wonder that cybersport can really be considered a sport. This industry's number of fans amounts to tens of millions, which reveals its immense success right away. Needless to say, this industry can no longer be overlooked today, and despite the favorable business conditions, we are experiencing a monumental event-the rise of a true empire that will leave behind a variety of other disciplines.

Who separates eSports from any other sport?

Perhaps there's only one important difference-you don't need a decent physical appearance to succeed. You therefore need team spirit, commitment, strong reaction, a well-developed plan and tactics in every computer competition. It's difficult to become a champion without those attributes.

At the same time, not every game could become one of the disciplines of eSports. Therefore, eSports disciplines can not be viewed as a collection of common games which do not have specific rules to decide the winner in a certain period of time. The game's mathematical model should be free from unexpected incidents, and all contest participants should be under the same circumstances.

The History Of eSports #infographic

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