The Future of Remote Work, According to Startups #infographic

The Future of Remote Work, According to Startups #infographic

No matter where in the world you log in from—Silicon Valley, London, and beyond—COVID-19 has triggered a mass exodus from traditional office life. Now that the lucky among us have settled into remote work, many are left wondering if this massive, inadvertent work-from-home experiment will change work for good.
In the following charts, we feature data from a comprehensive survey conducted by UK-based startup network Founders Forum, in which hundreds of founders and their teams revealed their experiences of remote work and their plans for a post-pandemic future.
While the future remains a blank page, it’s clear that hundreds of startups have no plans to hit backspace on remote work.
If history has taught us something, it's that global events have the potential to cause irreversible social change, like the enduring effect of 9/11 on security at airports.
While most survey respondents had plans to be back in the office within six months, as a direct result of COVID-19, some startups are rethinking their remote work policies.
How could this be in a post-pandemic world?
A plausible post-pandemic work scenario could entail 3 to 5 days of remote work a week, with a couple of dedicated in-office days for the entire team, based on the startup responses.
The Future of Remote Work, According to Startups #infographic

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