Maximize Your Money With A Growth Mindset #infographic

Maximize Your Money With A Growth Mindset #infographic

More than three in four Americans suffer at least one financial regret

Money worries

  • More than half of Americans regret that they didn't save more
  • Of these, the most regrettable were the underfunding
  • Pension accounts: 48 per cent
  • Fund for emergencies: 34 per cent
  • Baby education: 18 percent
  • Americans owed a total of $14.15 trillion in household debt by 2020
  • $1.64 trillion in student loans — $29,900 for each degree
  • $1 trillion in interest on credit cards — An all-time record
  • During the pandemic, 23 per cent added their credit card debt

What is a Mindset of growth?
Your mentality is based on whether you see your own character, intelligence and abilities as fixed or growth-capable

Mindset fixed
Wishes to look smart or professional in contrast to others
Avoids challenges and failures, easily gives up
Ignore positive negative feedback
Feels menaced by others' success

Mindset on growth
Wishes to learn and improve in comparison with self
Takes up challenges and sees retrogrades as opportunities
Lets you learn from positive criticism
Know, and find strength in the performance of others

Maximize Your Money With A Growth Mindset #infographic

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