How To Craft A Practical Social Media Strategy #infographic

How To Craft A Practical Social Media Strategy #infographic

Users around the world are consuming huge amounts of content on social media. The platform is actively used to drive engagement, and is a favorite conversion churning tool. Social networking, however, has its highs and lows where users can develop chronic fatigue from the app. A condition in which frustration sets in and leaves users confused as to what they will do.

From a psychological point of view , people have an eight-second attention span which is 4 seconds shorter than it was a decade ago. The number decrease is approved for unwarranted use of mobile devices.

While the numbers are shocking, the harm is not final. In the meantime, human multitasking capability has taken a step forward. While technology addicts have still struggled to stay concentrated for extended periods, they have shown progress in selecting successful commitments. It has also contributed to less effort needed when grasping ideas and memorizing them.

Human beings increasingly develop on the basis of patterns for processing information. The way of thinking is conditioned by the technology which is accessible to us. Consequently, day-to-day use of different technologies influences our ability to think and respond.

How To Craft A Practical Social Media Strategy #infographic

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