Development of Bots in Poker #infographic

Development of Bots in Poker #infographic

I, Terminator, Robot and A.I. Artificial Intelligence is one of the many films of the past four decades with the concept of artificial intelligence, which progresses beyond human control and contributes to the end of civilization. Although such a scenario remains unlikely in the near future, many believe that there is at least the first dimension, according to Jeff Nesbit in the US.

AI that surpasses the human brain and mind to achieve an artificial superintelligence (ASI) level – will most likely occur some time in the next 30 years. News & a world report. It remains to be seen whether ASI leads to the end of civilization, but AI has certainly made a mark on the poker world recently.

Poker became popular in the field of AI with a history dating back to 1984, the same year viewers first saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg "Terminator" on the screen, and probably assumed that the theme was all sci-fi — not a possibility in the next century. That year Mike Caro developed a basic Poker AI app, Orac, to participate in the World Series of Poker.

A few months ago, Josh Wardini, editorial consultant and community manager for numerous online poker websites, published the infographic titled "Poker and AI: The Rise of Machines Against Humans" on the PokerSites blog Wardini offers an integrated, visual overview of the Poker-Artificial Intelligence relationship over the last 30 years.

While AI research has been carried out in a variety of fields, one of the most prevalent has been to apply it to games of strategy. Over the past two decades, AIs have defeated humans in a number of games like chess, go and endangerment. Much of the research has progressed towards the development of poker-playing AIs over the last decade.

Development of Bots in Poker #infographic

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