Busting Myths about Oxygen Therapy #infographic

Busting Myths about Oxygen Therapy #infographic

If you're recommended to take oxygen therapy, ignore the myths and get the facts.

Myth # 1: Oxygen means I'm not allowed to be healthy.

You should have less breath shortening and will be more dependent on oxygen.

Myth # 2: The addictive nature of oxygen.

Oxygen doesn't become addictive.

Myth # 3: Oxygen means the end is here.

No, oxygen therapy lets you live longer, feel better and become more active.

Myth # 4: Portable concentrated oxygen meets all oxygen requirements.

Portable concentrative oxygen is not good for continuous flow or higher liter flow requirements.

Myth # 5: Petroleum jelly is better suited for dry nose.

Water-based moisturizers are best suited for dry nose.

Myth # 6: I can not take oxygen to fly.

You CAN travel with oxygen; just some preparation is needed.

Myth # 7: I can use a portable concentrater of oxygen when I sleep.

Portable concentrations of oxygen don't provide enough oxygen to sleep.

Myth # 8: Oxygen triggers a fire.

Oxygen is not flammable, it is flammable so it does not cause fires.

Myth # 9: Everybody's going to see the oxygen tubing on my forehead.

Yes, but there are a number of choices for providing oxygen, including glasses.

Busting Myths about Oxygen Therapy #infographic

infographic by: www.nationaljewish.org

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