You Can Now Use Dark Whatsapp #Article

You Can Now Use Dark Whatsapp #Article

Here's some good news for all those who love dark mode, having finally launched dark mode for WhatsApp after months of testing Facebook.

Facebook states:

"The dark mode of WhatsApp offers a fresh look at a familiar experience. It's designed to alleviate eye strain in low light settings and we hope it will help prevent those awkward moments when your phone lights up the room."

Dark mode was the most sought-after features, as users demanded that it be launched by the company for quite a while. Users were reluctant to find out if WhatsApp is going into dark mode after reports leaked that the firm is investigating it.

Most people seem to like this new color scheme and there are health benefits in the dark mode irrespective of the attractive look. The options of dark mode greatly reduce blue light and maximize redness at daylight. The blue light will shorten the supply of melatonin to the brain which contributes to loss of sleep. And provided a lot of us wastes our time on the phone before we go to bed.

And aside from the cool feel, there are several benefits to dark mode too. Check dark mode on Android or iOS this week by turning it on from device settings!

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