Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree? #infographic

Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree? #infographic

With competition on the rise, one must stand out even more. Deciding to go for an MBA can have a tremendous effect on the career of everyone, particularly those who eventually aspire to enter the corporate world. You can help hone your knowledge and skills by pursuing an MBA program from a renowned institute. When you try to find your place in the business community and succeed in your market, it can also guide you. However, when it comes to the MBA program to follow and from the institute to get the best educational experience it is important to make the right choice. The infographic below can be a perfect guide for you when making these important decisions.

Why are students or staff graduating with an MBA?

  • 77% on work prospects
  • To boost leadership skills by 65 per cent
  • 63% Improving Leadership Skills
  • 31% To obtain professional know-how

Wages Demand
In 2019, a GMAC survey reported greater salary potential for MBA graduates

  • In Asia-Pacific, 63 per cent
  • In the United States, 56 per cent
  • In Asia, 49 per cent
Shifts in student mobility:

  • The number of Indians who send GMAT scores to the US for admission to B-school
  • Cuts from 57% to 45% in the 2019 academic year
  • The influx of foreign candidates to Europe and Canada is stepping up
  • At 8.6 and 6.1 per cent
  • Fueling demand decreases in U.S. systems are a 13.7 per cent drop in foreign applications
Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree? #infographic

infograohic by: www.iimu.ac.in

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