Vegetarianism: Tapping Into the Meatless Revolution #infographic

Vegetarianism: Tapping Into the Meatless Revolution #infographic

The way people choose and eat their food is changing, and a sweeping shift from animal-based to plant-based food products is encouraging.

Whether it's from the environmental impact perspective, animal cruelty, or health benefits, meatless diets are rapidly becoming a new normal for people around the world — but where did it all start?

Today's infographic uncovers vegetarianism 's roots and discusses how the industry has exploded into a lucrative array of sub-categories that whet the appetite of investors around the world.

In addition to the uncertainty about how these products will be received, there are other challenges that need to be overcome by the market in order to be considered truly accessible. Plant-based alternatives, for example, boast higher price points than the products of their predecessor, which can deter consumers from entering in mass.

Nonetheless, the transition to plant-based diets is obviously a disruptive force that could transform the food industry in the long run. Early movers put a golden carrot in front of investors-but are they going to take a bite?

Vegetarianism: Tapping Into the Meatless Revolution #infographic

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