Top 10 Items To Keep On Your Boat At All Times #infographic

Top 10 Items To Keep On Your Boat At All Times #infographic

Be highly prepared whenever you go cruising. Part of being prepared is to store your boat with items which will keep you safe and comfortable on the water while out. Keep all of these ten items on your boat with you.

Life jackets / Throwable Life Preservers (PFD-Systems for immediate flotation)
Persons can not wear them at all times on your boat, but make sure that you have life jackets on board that suit everyone and can support their weight. In an emergency, life preservers you can throw out at someone in the water will help you save lives. Stock at least one to be prepared for any emerging situations.

Flares / Audio signaling devices for emergency
If you're out on the water and need to be spotted so that someone can come to help you, signal flares are essential. Active flares will give off at a distance large quantities of light and smoke to be visible. Having audio signaling devices like a horn and whistle is also important so you can alert boats nearby for help.

A Pump of Bilge
Leakage on a boat can be a huge problem. That's why you should be equipping your boat with an automatic bilge pump. If your onboard pump fails or you can't keep up with the water coming from the leak, a hand powered pump will come to the rescue. If your electrical system fails, or you have a small amount of water in the boat, you can also get a manual bilge pump to use.

Top 10 Items To Keep On Your Boat At All Times #infographic

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