The Social Impact Of Mixing Business & Medicine #infographic

The Social Impact Of Mixing Business & Medicine #infographic

In the U.S. healthcare spending is over 18% of GDP and climbing — Since 2009, healthcare spending for other OECD countries has hovered around 8.8% of GDP since 2009

The 5 largest health insurance and pharmacy benefit providers in the U.S. generated higher combined revenues in 2019 than the 5 largest tech companies:

Anthem, Cigna, CVS Health, Humana: $787 billion
Yahoo, Amazon , Netflix, Apple, Google: US$ 783 billion

But 1 in 3 Americans claim they, or a family member, are delayed in pursuing treatment because of healthcare costs

By 2027, spending on health care will hit $6 trillion a year — almost 1.7X higher than a decade ago

Americans are 2-3X more likely than Canadians to ignore medical advice because of the cost

When deciding whether to pursue care, 62 per cent of Americans consider costs
13 percent of those who ask for price up front, don't get an accurate estimate
More than half of Millennials and Gen X deferred or skipped treatment because of the costs

30 per cent paid out of pocket for medicine, treatment or test
14% appealed, and its insurer changed its decision
Symptoms exacerbated by 10 per cent, or delayed diagnosis

67% of non-adherence to pharmaceutical products is related to high healthcare costs
20-30% Never fill up prescriptions
Fifty percent of chronic disease medicines are not taken as prescribed.

The Social Impact Of Mixing Business & Medicine #infographic

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