The Importance Of Managing Momentum #infographic

 The Importance Of Managing Momentum #infographic

Why We Fear Things
Initially, procrastination seemed to be a benefit: lower stress levels and more time for pleasurable activities
Last but not least, procrastinators felt more pain, disease and reduced quality of work
Progress is a positive momentum reinforced by continued, daily action.

Analysis Avoid Paralysis
It can feel more difficult when we do things we have never done before
BUT the longer it takes for a decision, the harder it will be to start.

Stay positive
Problems often feel more difficult to solve than they really are
Unaddressed setbacks can pile up and become increasingly intimidating, leading to even bigger problems.

Live in the Now
The future lies in the actions you are taking now
Failure to achieve targets at the moment will make it more difficult to achieve further goals later.

Start with the easiest thing to do, and start from there
With one victory down, approaching and achieving the next goal may be simpler
Eventually your momentum builds up to where it's easier to move forward than not.

 The Importance Of Managing Momentum #infographic

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