The Challenges of Space Farming #infographic

The Challenges of Space Farming #infographic

The earth is poised to enter a new golden age of space exploration, with both scientists and space enthusiasts dreaming up the red planet Mars.

As our vision grows and we set our sights on even greater achievements, getting to Mars is just one step in a bigger strategy to discover and settle on a new planet.

Since space stations do not have a fridge or freezer on board, most of the food received by the astronaut is pre-cooked, freezed and packed with vacuum. That makes the food last longer and stay edible in space station conditions.

There's no escape to the fact that the trip will need food and lots of it to survive both the trip and settle a new planet. Realistically, any long-duration journeys including a trip to Mars or the creation of colonies on the moon will require a bio-regenerative life support network. Such a system will allow us to develop our own food and recycle carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, and on a new planet to be truly self-sufficient.

Below we examined the challenges and potential solutions faced by future space farmers in their quest to settle among the stars.

The Challenges of Space Farming #infographic

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