Snapchat Outlines Amid Covid-19 Lockdown Top Usage Trends #Article

Since of the Coronavirus lockdowns, people have been looking for ways to stay connected with their loved ones as well as find ways to battle boredom. Unlike other social media outlets, Snapchat has also seen increased use following the lockdowns.

Recently, Snapchat published an update on its patterns of use as well as some keynotes on developments which gained momentum. It may give marketers an advantage in trying to boost their results during this period.

Starting with use, Snapchat said the company saw a 50 percent rise in video calls and now people spend 25 percent more time on snap lenses. More messages are being sent between close friends, more attention was also paid to the discovery material and a increase in group chats has also occurred.

The usage growth seen by social apps is not shocking, but this is important to note. Retailers who have been forced to shut down their stores will rely on eCommerce to reach potential customers through social media apps during this tough patch that economies around the world face. Yet retailers are not the only ones that can use social media to connect with their target audiences.

Snapchat found that online shopping for sports, pet items and essential home products was of interest to users and showed particular interest in fitness, music, mobile gaming, interior design and cooking. In addition, the online mediation services have also received a lot of attention.

Owing to more engagement with the user, Snapchat days that ads are doing well and a 36 percent rise in install volume for applications and a 19 percent boost in swipe-up during the month of March.

Many companies will not be able to function during this pandemic, and the shutdowns are likely to have a major economic impact. But brands should still cater to online consumers as research indicates that buyers are searching for products online.

So while now is not the ideal time to address ads or outreach, under already challenging conditions economic impacts can be reduced if businesses can find ways to keep their online operations running.

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