Ranked: The World's Most Valuable Brands #infographic

Ranked: The World's Most Valuable Brands #infographic

The strength of a brand can be difficult to convert to a balance sheet because of its intangible nature. This being said, a brand that really interacts with customers and that stands the test of time will offer tremendous financial value.

Today's graphic draws data from the 2020 edition of Brand Finance 's annual Global 500 survey, which uses a multidimensional formula to rate the world's top brands by value.

Through quantifying a brand's true worth, investors and key decision makers are able to recognize interest that stretches beyond quarterly earnings results.

American supermarket giant Walmart joins the top 10 list in 2020 with an remarkable rise in brand value from 14 per cent to $77.5 billion. Recent success of the retailer could be attributed in part to its growing strategic partnership with Microsoft — which currently sits sixth. By tapping into the cloud services provided by Microsoft, Walmart will now provide its customers with a first digital shopping experience.

Ranked: The World's Most Valuable Brands #infographic

infographic by:www.visualcapitalist.com

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