Learn about Various Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds #infographic

Learn about Various Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds #infographic

If you need a commercial surety bond, here’s a quick introduction:

What Is a Commercial Surety Bond?

This form of bond is a way to guarantee one party (the principal) in a contractual transaction meets their obligations to another (the obligee). Those obligations may include following law and regulations, meeting fiduciary duties, or abiding by contractual obligations. The obligor is permitted to file a claim against the bond seeking compensation where necessary. If the principal doesn't, the company that issues the bond (the security) agrees to pay, but the principal (you) must reimburse the guarantee in full.

How to Obtain a Commercial Surety Bond

The best time to obtain a commercial security bond is when you know that you need one. First, you need to contact a trusted brokerage agency such as Viking Bond Service to help broker the bond you need in the state you need it. Then you'll fill out an application that includes your credit and business history information. First, in 48 hours or less you'll receive a bond quote based on that detail. Eventually, to trigger the bond, you pay the prime. You have now fulfilled the criteria for the bond.

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Learn about Various Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds #infographic

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