Facebook to Add New 'care' Reaction to Covid-19 Posts Related #Article

Facebook to Add New 'care' Reaction to Covid-19 Posts Related #Article

Facebook has launched a new 'Support' reaction for COVID-19 related posts to help users express their response.

The latest reaction, after a month of testing, will now be available for both Facebook and Messenger users. A heart-hugging, smiley face is the answer.

Right now, you may transform your heart violet.

Facebook said the new Reaction is another way for users to express their feelings about the virus.

Facebook states:

"The idea of a hug reaction came back frequently as one of the emotions and feelings that were missing from Reactions, so that's something that was always in our minds. And with the situation that we are experiencing right now, there is no doubt that people need more love, more help.

"Facebook added that having more forms of sympathy during the COVID-19 crisis will help to normalize this challenging moment, which will help people cope. Because of this, Facebook has said that, if it works well, the 'treatment' reaction would not be taken down after the coronavirus outbreak.

"[COVID-19] will also allow us to understand how people use it, how they see meaning and if that reaction is really special at the moment we 're going through it or whether it's evergreener. On that basis, we 're going to determine whether to maintain it or uninstall it at the end of this crisis," added Facebook.

Facebook has also introduced several temporary reactions for various regions in the past, one of which includes the 'Thankful' reaction that was a flower emoji and a series of reactions from Star Trek and Halloween.

We'll have to wait to see if the latest reaction will help users to interact with posts for a long time to come and end up on the Web. The Care reaction will also inspire people to show support for causes and NGOs and help create more positive Facebook conversations compared to Angry 's reactions, which mostly reflected hate.

However, this turns out to be an interesting addition, and will soon be available to users.

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