Cat Emergency Kit #infographic

Cat Emergency Kit  #infographic

This should include all records concerning microchips, ownership and vaccination. If your cat is on long-term medicines you should include a copy of your cat's prescriptions containing doses, concentrations and names of drugs. Ideally, if they go missing in the aftermath of a natural disaster you would have a picture of your cat. It is a good idea to have all the details saved on your phone like emergency contacts but it is also necessary to have a hard copy in case there is no mobile coverage or the battery is dead.

It's a good idea to chat with your veterinarian about having a little extra cache of medicines from your cat, similar to if you're going on vacation as a backup supply. Your minimum stash should be enough medication to last about a week. Be sure to keep an eye on these expiration dates and keep them up-to-date as the drugs or doses change over time.

Cat Emergency Kit  #infographic

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