Best Travel Destinations in 2020 #infographic

Best Travel Destinations in 2020 #infographic

Growth in leisure travelers is predicted, as reported in US statistics for 2018. National Office of Travel and Tourism, Department of Commerce. And, as the holiday season is coming, you 're probably thinking about what's the best way to spend every day, and traveling will not be missing on your list, of course.

Since the year is about to end and 2020 is now coming to an end, traveling can be something to look forward to; however, while there may be different places where you can enjoy the best vacation, you will probably end up struggling where to have your vacation. Fortunately we've compiled some of the best places to travel by 2020; read more from below.

Let's take it to Italy, from London. If you love to get along with nature and witness the fascinating beauty of historic sites, you'll definitely fall in love with Sicily.

This place is where you can see the famed Temple Valley, and also the location where you can find the ruins of the seven Doric temples. Surrounded by olive trees and almond groves, Sicily Island is the best place for anyone who wants to visit places with the finest scenery and peace, as the place has authenticity that the world forgets.

Best Travel Destinations in 2020 #infographic  #Travel

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