B2B Handling Generation Statistics via Email Marketing #infographic

B2B Handling Generation Statistics via Email Marketing #infographic

B2B lead generation is the basic step, followed in the process of sales or marketing. It deals with collecting potential customer information, such as company name , email, contact number and other data, so that advertisers can connect to these high-end customers at the right time.

The fodder for producing a good number of sales in any B2B organisation, is a right lead generation process. Email marketing is one of the effective ways to hit the best B2B prospect as 4.24 percent of email marketing visitors will purchase from the search engines as opposed to 2.49 percent of visitors.

What does lead generation think of B2B marketers?

  • 61% of them say producing high-quality leads is a major challenge
  • 37%  use marketing automation to generate leads.
  • 30%believe that automation reduces time, 22 per cent believe that it helps generate leads, 17 per cent believe that it increases revenue.
  • 59 % said email was the best way to generate revenue from leads.
  • The content marketing newsletter is used by 83 per cent of marketers
One of the useful processes followed within an organization is the generation of B2B lead. It might not deliver the best results without proper planning. A marketer needs to evaluate emerging patterns and strategies and introduce them at the right time , in order and produce successful sales and revenue. Email marketing has proven to be the best source for process lead generation.

B2B Handling Generation Statistics via Email Marketing #infographic

infographic by: www.tdinsights.com

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