50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know #infographic

50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know #infographic

Looking for some interesting information about languages? The world is full of rich and special languages which can thrill the senses and expand the imagination 's boundaries.

The vocabulary that we use shapes the way we view the world around us. For instance, while most native English speakers might look at a winter landscape and simply label it "snow," Scots are said to have more than 420 words for snow. That includes everything from slight snowfall variations to supernatural mentions!

If you are searching for interesting facts to use on language quiz night or just want to deepen your knowledge of the world's languages, you and your friends are fascinated by the following fascinating facts!

As much are you familiar with the foreign languages? If you're a second language student, a polyglot or a translator, check out the graph below. There are thousands of fascinating facts about language to take your linguistic skills to the next level!

50+ Language Facts in Detail

  • Worldwide, there are more than 7,000 languages and most are dialects.
  • At 74 characters Cambodian has the longest alphabet. Seek to translate that into an alphabet album!
  • The most-translated book is the Bible, followed by Pinocchio.
  • The English word "alphabet" originates from the Greek alphabet's first two letters-alpha and beta.
  • Around 2,400 of the world's languages are in danger of extinction, and every two weeks, about one language becomes extinct.
  • The first book which was printed was in German.
  • In books, movies , and TV shows like "Klingon" there are over 200 artificial languages.
  • Rotokas's Papuan language has only 11 letters which make it the smallest alphabet.
  • Just 23 languages make up over half of the world 's population!
  • Of all the languages, around 2⁄3 are from Asia and Africa.

  • The main foreign language taught in the UK is French.
  • Of all the statistics about language, this one fascinates us-at least half of the world 's population is bilingual!
  • Many linguists think language originated about 100,000 BC.
  • Basque is a language spoken between France and Spain in the mountains, and has no connection to any other recognized language. (They didn't get anything out).
  • South Africa contains 11 of the most official languages.
  • More than 1.5 million Americans are Francophone native speakers.
  • The Florentine dialect has been identified as the Italian national language. To this day, most regions in Italy mainly speak their own dialect.
  • After Paris, Kinshasa is the second largest Francophone city in the world. The capital city of the Congo is Kinshasa.
  • There are approximately 24 official languages spoken throughout Europe.
  • French is the only language taught in any region, other than English.

50+ Fascinating Language Facts You Didn’t Know #infographic

infographic by: takelessons.com

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