11 Deadliest Viruses On Earth #infographic

11 Deadliest Viruses On Earth #infographic

It looks like a new deadly virus somewhere in the world that is trying to kill us originates. The World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health agencies are tracking the new coronavirus, officials continue to announce the rapid spread of new COVID-19 infections and deaths worldwide.

There are also other viruses that previously rampaged the planet. In others, there are vaccines available, and others are also incurable. Such viruses greatly influenced human lifestyle. The planet now suffers from COVID-19, which was introduced in China and spread all over the globe. Quick every country faces this virus and has lockdowns like a precaution.

Nevertheless, there are 3,266,419 active incidents, and 419,472 around the world , despite all the protection steps. Much like this coronavirus, many other viruses have claimed many humans' precious lives. Medical researchers are conducting research on an ongoing basis to find an appropriate vaccine or cure to stop this pandemic.

The more days the vaccine is invented, the more patients and deaths, which is terrifying. Other worst viruses than the coronavirus, then, are:
Ebola Virus
Influenza With
Rota Rotta

See the chart for more detailed data on these 11 deadliest viruses on earth.

11 Deadliest Viruses On Earth #infographic

infographic by: www.vikingsteelstructures.com

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