10 Facts About PDF #infographic

10 Facts About PDF #infographic

We love lists and hope that you also love them! Today we have a list of 10 facts about formatting a PDF file.

A colorful infographic is added to the list and we hope you'll like it.

Of course there are so many facts about one of the planet's most popular file formats, but Gorilla counts only to 10.

Here is a list of 10 important facts concerning PDF.

10 PDF Facts
  1. PDF is an Adobe Systems invention. Designed in the early 1990's, it was officially announced at the Windows and OS Conference in January 1993.
  2. PDF is software- and hardware- independent and can be accessed from any computer. No matter which computer they are accessed from, PDFs maintain their original formatting.
  3. The project initially was called The Camelot Project. Subsequently changed to Carousel.
  4. Web-based PDF files can be optimised. You can add a web friendly filename, define a good title and meta description, add headings for structuring your PDF, insert links, include it as a normal page on a website and optimize the size of the PDF file.
  5. The initial cost of the Acrobat Reader was $50
  6. DF is the most common Web-based file extension. See for yourself and try the filetype: Google Search operator to limit results to a specific type of file. For example, hardware filetype: pdf would result in PDF files with the word "hardware" inside. Try the same for multiple file types, and compare results number.
  7. The US tax authorities were among the first early adopters of PDF. The service distributed as PDF files tax forms.
  8. PDF stands for security. You can add various protection rates, and secure your PDF files with passwords.
  9. PDF is standardized 15 years after invention (1993-2008) according to ISO. PDF 1.7 (and beyond) became ISO 32000:1:2008 standard by Adobe Systems in 2008. In July 2017, a new version was published which is the PDF specification for ISO 32000-2:2017.
  10. PDF may contain links, buttons, fields for the form, audio , video, and business logic
10 Facts About PDF #infographic

infographic by: gorillapdf.com

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