Why The Dark Web has never been the location you can visit #Video Infographic

There is a certain amount of mystery surrounding what has become known as the dark web. The very name evokes visions of an underworld, a sort of catacomb where scoundrels hide and human depravity awaits us at every corner of the planet. But work has shown that the dark web may not be as mysterious as many of us would think.Yes, you can definitely go to this place and procure a couple of illicit drugs, and yes, if a person so chooses they can scour the dark web and find photos that most of the world might consider repellent, but let's just say you won't consider hitmen to employ in the dark web or as much video violence as we would have expected. However the question is, who first came up with this idea on Earth?

video infographic by: www.theinfographicsshow.com

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