Visualizing Earthquakes' Strength and Frequency #infographic

Visualizing Earthquakes' Strength and Frequency #infographic

When Earth's plates collide, our planet's atmosphere is in a continual state of formation and destruction. It is this movement of the crust of the Earth that triggers earthquakes and sends tremors all over the world.

Today's graphic is inspired by a classic USGS diagram that tracks the Earthquake scale and frequency.

Earthquakes occur as there are many plates that make up the Earth's crust. Those plates' boundaries build faults that can crash into each other.

Earthquakes define both the process that triggers a sudden release of tension along the edges of the plate, and the resulting ground shaking.

These occur as a tectonic fault builds up amid tension. This tension causes the two fault surfaces, previously bound together due to friction, to move, or slip abruptly, releasing energy in the form of seismic waves.

Visualizing Earthquakes' Strength and Frequency #infographic


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