Twitter gave its conversation threads on iOS a makeover #Article

Twitter gave its conversation threads on iOS a makeover #Article

Over the past six months, Twitter has been beta testing many' conversational' app improvements and has now released new' threaded' conversation for iOS users that clearly shows the answers of any tweet person.

Twitter has focused on through tweet engagement and this latest feature is a modification of its threaded responses launched by Twitter back in 2018.

You can see what the update looks like in the video posted on Twitter.

This update will allow users to see better who's responding to their tweets and which accounts are engaging in a conversation.

It is very curious to see that it took quite a long time for Twitter to offer this update, because it has been working on conversational features for so long. But by testing, it's been checking to see what works and what does not only provide its consumers with improved functionality, so it seems worth the wait.

This update doesn't seem to be significant, but it shifts Twitter's feel for the better and makes it more convenient for users to have conversations with others.

According to Twitter, the latest answer app is coming soon to be made available to Android users.

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