Tiktok Might Get a New Instagram Profile and It Looks a Lot Like #Article

Tiktok Might Get a New Instagram Profile and It Looks a Lot Like #Article

TikTok has been a subject of discussion for many in the social media marketing community.

TikTok has put a great deal of effort into staying active in the social media community and attempts to solidify what it has to sell while trying to increase its ad capacity.

Now the video app is working officially to update their profile template to one that looks like Instagram's.

A journalist from the New York Times tweeted about the pattern, and you can see how it looks like an Instagram.

Since Instagram is more popular I'm TikTok's terms of user count, it seems appropriate to agree with its style. It is not yet clear though when this new look will be published or whether it will even be published.

TikTok is currently struggling with its content policies, as questions have been raised about the Chinese government's involvement in TikTok's approach to content moderation. TikTok claimed to have limited the scope of content posted by disabled people in 2019, which seems like a contradictory effort to counter cyberbullying.

Many that TikTok users also showed anxiety about takedown content, for no apparent reason. Others have also said they have been pressured to adjust their content style to fit in the site's good books.

This should be a concern for TikTok as it's the cycle of growing itself right now and it needs to stick to it by popular creators.

While the platform remains dominant, it will be interesting to see how it will maintain its position with the advent of its rivals and other challenges it faces. We'll have to wait to find out.

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