German rules regulating online casino licenses #Article

German rules regulating online casino licenses #Article

Germany is one of Europe's largest and also most developed country. The thing with this country, however, is that it's made up of numerous states and that each of them has a fairly large autonomy when it comes to legal regulations.

That also refers to the gambling. Things here are really complicated. On one hand, land based casinos are under state jurisdiction, while online betting on the other is regulated by federal legislation. This makes it very difficult for someone who would only like to try gambling online. So we'll try to explain things and make them simpler.

First of all, identifying a distinction between online casinos and online sports betting is very important. Life is also better for those who enjoy sports betting, because online betting platforms are legal for a relatively long time. Furthermore, a nice thing to learn is that those websites are under state control. Each state issues its own license, and no federal-level permit can ever be given. We should also mention that these licenses are granted to private companies, rather than to state-operated companies.

On the other hand with the online casino things aren't that simple. The country started reforming a couple of years ago but if we want to stick strictly to the law, this kind of gambling in Germany is still prohibited. Legislators do work hard, though, and things are likely to improve soon. The new set of laws will cover several different issues like online casino licensing and poker licensing. Online casinos are expected to become fully legal in the near future and German houses will finally be given the opportunity to get their licenses.

That doesn't mean a lot to gamblers right now. Even, being able to play online casinos anyway is a nice thing to learn. Just as in most parts of the world, in Germany the online casino is also in the grey zone. In fact, this means that you can play online casino games on websites located outside of Germany, as there is no act that forbids such activity.

All in all, the conclusion is you can play casinos online with no consequences. Keep in mind, though, that in the event of fraud or any other irregular activity you won't be able to get protection.

It is good to note, when it comes to land based casinos, that all forms of land based gaming are legal in Germany. Nonetheless, remember that regulations are pretty tight. The government holds a monopoly over betting operations of all sorts, at least in some portion. Every State issues a license when it comes to land based casinos. Even, a good thing to note is that in reality , things are somewhat different. There are several places selling casino games, even though they have no license. This is especially true of bars and restaurants, where you will still find a few slot machines and similar stuff. A further selection of online casinos can be found at

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