Facebook Npe Team Launches an Update Pinterest Like #Article

Facebook Npe Team Launches an Update Pinterest Like #Article

Facebook launched an app named Hobbi Through its NPE or New Product Development program, the app is somewhat similar to Pinterest, built to take pictures of your hobbies and interests and then hold them in boards to hold your progress checked.

Here's the product description on the App Store: "Hobbi wants to help you track and remember the things you love to do. You can save photos of the projects you're working on and the activities you love to do, whether it's cooking, baking, DIY, arts & crafts, exercise or home decor. You can then organize your photos into visual collections to see how far you're progressing over time.

TechCrunch also pointed out that the app is really close to Pinterest because it's about keeping track of your progress and you can see how you're progressing, not only for DIY things. On the web, you can share your progress videos with friends and family too. While the app that seem there to flaunt your hobbies, it's really based on motivating more people to get interested in their development.

The app may gain popularity, and may even challenge Pinterest, but at first it appears to be different when it comes to its use case.

As of July last year, three applications have been introduced by Facebook's NPE team including Whale – a meme creation app, AUX – a DJ app where users can get their songs on a group playlist, and Bump – a student chat app.

Each of the apps released by NPE is different in its own way and while none of them has gained huge popularity, it appears that Facebook is continuing to launch new apps to see which one makes it big.

The NPE team is similar to Facebook's Creative Labs development team which shut down Facebook back in 2015 after none of the apps could succeed. With their experiments, the Creative Labs team couldn't do much, creating applications that challenge both Snapchat and Vine. But despite the strain, the NPE team appears to be taking a different approach given the applications it has published.

TechCrunch also noticed that Google released an app called Tangi for DIY collections, which gives us an idea that both Google and Facebook have their eyes in this area.

Although these new apps might not become popular, they are certainly a representation of what people are doing, which may indicate future changes.

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