Facebook Launches New Gaming App Android for Both Ios #article

Facebook Launches New Gaming App Android for Both Ios #article

Facebook continues to develop in the gaming industry, and with all the popularity gaming has gained during the COVID-19 pandemic, a mobile app is being released for Android and iOS. The app comes with hundreds of game play materials, groups, and options.

Users will be able to watch videos from gaming, play instant games at any time and connect through the App to gaming communities. Sounds good right?

Facebook has been researching this app for quite some time now in Latin America and South East Asia. Keeping in mind the prevalence of gambling during the coronavirus shutdown, it makes sense to push it forward now.

Facebook has been busy with gaming tools and products over the last few years that include tipping live streams for gamers and streaming via mobile choice. Facebook has also introduced a tournament feature that would accommodate gaming events within the app.

And the initiatives are producing results, at the end of last year Facebook had a 210 per cent YoY rise in hours spent on Facebook gaming, which according to StreamElements gave an 8.5 per cent increase in its market shares.

With the popularity of the gaming content, it is vital that Facebook stays connected to it. Facebook's efforts in this regard have been successful as more response from the group has recently been receiving.

Fidji Simo according to Facebook:

"Investing in gaming has become a focus for us in general, as we see gaming as a means of entertainment that genuinely connects people. It's entertainment that is not just a form of passive consumption, it's entertainment that is interactive, bringing people together.

"And more of that you can hope to see in the future. Also Facebook aims to improve its gaming VR tools which are going to be really interesting to see.

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