Facebook is coming up with a new way of getting more users on the Internet #Article

Facebook is coming up with a new way of getting more users on the Internet #Article

Facebook recently released a new update to its Free Basics Internet access plan to connect more internet users.

Called 'Discover,' the new project allows users to access more Internet resources through Facebook, which had previously only provided a small set of tools and websites in the first iteration of Free Basics.

The Free Basics project was launched by Facebook in 2015, with the intention of enabling people to use the internet in developing or underdeveloped regions with a lack of internet use. Facebook had partnered with different web sites for the limited data contract.

The aim of Facebook remained to 'connect the world' and this project lives up to that while adding more Facebook users in the course of time.

However, Facebook has complete portal power and this signals a issue, as only Facebook decides which website users can link with it. It means people who don't have access will have to rely on Facebook to allow them to access what the platform considers appropriate, which may lead to more dependence on Facebook's own products. In several regions Free Basics has been banned and the latest 'Discover' tool is now here to fix it.

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"Discover is a mobile web and Android app that can be used by the participating network operators to search any website using a regular, free data balance.

"While Discover is Free Basics, it's based on having wider use, so Facebook won't be able to determine what people can access using the app any more. This will help Facebook resolve regulatory concerns and expand into more regions, thereby helping the site to grow.

For now, it is being released in Peru but will soon be available in Thailand, Iraq and the Philippines in the coming days.

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