Coronavirus (Covid 19) Influences SEO! #infographic

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Influences SEO! #infographic

Without doubt, most industries have been affected by Novel Coronavirus, or Covid-19.

Millions across the world have seen its negative impact on businesses and employment.

From an SEO viewpoint, the good news is that we can take a deep breath and examine the data coming in, and the effect it has had on various industries.

Many people could conclude that with travel bans, limitations and cancellations the travel industry has suffered the most.

There is a massive shortage of important items, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and face masks. Ecommerce sites are in high demand, with these basics.

Citizens expect news reports on government assistance and legislation. There is also a large amount of traffic on the fitness, nutritional and recipe websites.

What can you do in times like these?

  • Be positive, evaluate the data and make daily changes to your SEO or SEM campaigns.
  • Cut costs where possible and, by being lean, let's get to basics.
  • You may want to concentrate on customer service, rather than acquisition, depending on your industry.
  • Where necessary be imaginative and emphasize your deliverability. Support the culture, and support it.
  • Check out our comprehensive post on 10 ways SEO could be helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Last but not least, remain calm, and remain free! Stick to your spread.
Coronavirus (Covid 19) Influences SEO! #infographic

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