The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design #infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design #infographic

The new "king" of online marketing was the conversation. Publicity announcements are no longer open to consumers. You want to be curious, you want to know what your brand is all about. They also want an emotional bond that will improve their decision's "correctness" In other words, the global interaction process has turned the marketing world into a communication interface.

This is not something new to focus on and curiosity in UI interaction design. However, this topic has been opened up to a much wider audience with the increased ease with which we can construct conversational experiences.

Although we master online content, have reduced SEO awareness, readability and user-friendly formatting, many business and technical writers have suffered from the generation of discussions. Discussions tend to have no guidance as one aspect. The use of colloquial language also runs counter to intuition in trying to create an impression of authority and comprehension. We are inconsistent and familiar.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design #infographic

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