Snapchat is the "Bitmoji Tv" for the Users #Article

Snapchat is the "Bitmoji Tv" for the Users #Article

Snapchat has recently announced it will carry "Bitmoji TV" this weekend to all its users. The app will allow users to transform their Bitmoji avatars into a full-motion cartoon series with 10 episodes from the first season onwards.

The cartoon episodes will be supplied by Snapchat but you can use your Bitmoji character in various adventures and quests. The new functionality is a contribution to the short, TV-like content trend and that involves engaging user interface with Bitmoji's success and a bit of customization.

Currently users can access the Bitmoji TV episodes via a Bitmoji TV section in the app.

A Tech Crunch writer said the app is full of promise, "I'm pretty sure Bitmoji TV's going to be a success after seeing the first three episodes. The show embodies Snapchat's aesthetics and the popular culture of the group that uses it. It's rare to see something that's so cool but so unabashedly kooky." Because Snapchat is famous for engaging with people close to you, this new choice is a perfect way to get active.

Initially, Bitmoji won't have any advertisements but they could arrive later if the app is good. We're going to have to see how users respond to the app, and what the Snapchat interface does. Most apps would not be able to reproduce Bitmoji characters easily, which gives Snap an advantage over them when it comes to appealing to their audience and keeping them permanently hooked on the game.

If Snapchat is successful with Bitmoji TV, then there will be a huge opportunity for the platform itself and potential advertisers.

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