Plan your next trip to the most popular travel destinations in Google in 2019 #Article

 Plan your next trip to the most popular travel destinations in Google in 2019 #Article

No wonder Google primarily takes everything into consideration. And we can find out a little about what they think with Google Trends.

Google Trends offers a annual report with an summary of what users are looking for. Perhaps Google Trend's 2019 analysis of the most popular travel destinations might be useful if you are worried about your next destination.


The Maldives are at the top of the list, but the country is rich in sandy white beaches and will die for its overflowing villas for obvious reasons. You don't have a beautiful place to travel with a special person or simply add a nice touch to your Instagram page.


Secondly, we have Japan, well, while it has been mainly googled because of the coming Tokyo Olympics, Japan has a lot to offer. A visit from beautiful temples and shrines to its sparkling major cities like Tokyo is certainly worthwhile.

Bora Bora

You need a nice break, ? From its brilliant clean azure water to the picturesque spaces of the alpine mountains, Bora Bora offers you every confort that you deserve, the third island on the list is a pleasure for every eye.

Mexico and Las Vegas 

hold fourth and fifth positions respectively. Although Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in America. Albeit for its delicious cuisines and beautiful beaches Mexico is a must-visit destination. The weekend getaway is perfect everywhere.


Alaska is the 6th destination in the most sought-after region and you must visit its Midnight sun country and explore its different wildlife if you are a person seeking a little adventure.

New Orleans 

New Orleans won the 7th spot on the list, with the big city of Louisiana offering many things from their colorful parade up to its stunning architecture.

California and New York City 

The eight places landed in California, while New York City won the ninth place in its Chart of Google. California deserves a spot on the Pacific Ocean, the Death Valley, Hollywood and more bucket list as far as New York is concerned ... No introduction is required for the city of lights.

Costa Rica, France

And the list ends with Costa Rica in 10th position. Costa Rica is another excellent location for all adventure hungry souls with its dense jungles and amazing wildlife.

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