People in the field of technology are making efforts to reduce social media time #Article

People in the field of technology are making efforts to reduce social media time #Article

For most of us, our New Year resolution agenda contains less time spent on social media. And several technologists this year are tweeting to take their breaks to take part in new activities and focus their energies on developing personal relationships.

Thousands of Twitter and Facebook have been explosively told that they are either deleting accounts for a while or breaking away from social media. Users have suggested that others do the same thing.

Many have said social media was a diversion from the most important issues, such as linking people and following their passion in real life.


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Concentration on mental and physical wellbeing

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Dr. SkiDance (@MLGSundance) on 31thDecember 2019.

It is noteworthy that people employed in technology have created some of the most famous posts. And who wouldn't need a break after having spent long hours before a screen at work.

Ankit Jain, Google's former engineering boss, reportedly cut time on Netflix and twitter, taking a saxophone by 2020. According to one source, he said. He said it was the Christmas present of his wife and kindled his musical passion. He added that his lives became more complicated as he was involved in technology, and that he spent less time concentrating on himself and his interests.

Others from technology have said they want to take a break from the thoughts of strangers in social networks for their mental wellbeing.

Nate Bosshard, co-founder of the fitness technology community, said breaking off the system is "luxury"

"People in Silicon Valley are the architects of this culture of 'scrolling, constant notification' and they're the ones who see the most need to escape," Bosshard said.

Research has shown that overuse of social media can lead both adolescents and adults to stress, anxiety and even depression. However, despite the fact that it can be an incredible distraction, it can benefit people linked again and again for some time or even forever.

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